Build the future of payments

Imprint is on a mission to make payments better for modern brands and their customers. To do that, we’re building a payments and rewards platform from the ground up. Come be a part of the future of payments.

Our operating values

Customer obsession

We start with the consumer and work backwards. We put ourselves in consumers' shoes, we obsess about what they want and expect from our products, and we work vigorously to earn and keep their trust.


Our single biggest advantage is speed. We have a bias to action, and we push to accelerate everything that we do individually and as a team. We count the days and always seek to shorten our cycle times.

Excellent work

We insist on excellent work from ourselves and others. We are unreasonable in this pursuit and we do not compromise our standards for the sake of social cohesion.

Our team values

Personal growth

We are each dedicated to personal growth and to giving colleagues the opportunities and empathetic feedback to help them improve. We look for people who have the humility and courage to become the best at what they do.

Intentional transparency

We share information by default and expect colleagues to provide relevant, well-reasoned feedback. We know transparency is critical to creating the best work and to making the best decisions and we strive to be candid at every opportunity.

Inclusivity & empowerment

We bring our true and diverse selves to work. We know that a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives will allow us to build the best product, company, and culture.

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