Build the future
of payments

Imprint is on a mission to make payments better for modern brands and their customers. To do that, we’re building a payments and rewards platform from the ground up. Come be a part of the future of payments.

Our operating values

Customer obsession

We start with the consumer and work backwards. We put ourselves in consumers' shoes, we obsess about what they want and expect from our products, and we work vigorously to earn and keep their trust.


Our single biggest advantage is speed. We have a bias to action, and we push to accelerate everything that we do individually and as a team. We count the days and always seek to shorten our cycle times.

Excellent work

We insist on excellent work from ourselves and others. We are unreasonable in this pursuit and we do not compromise our standards for the sake of social cohesion.

Our operating principles

We do things that put the relationship between customers and great brands first

We have a weighty obligation to great brands and their customers, and we don't make decisions that will harm their relationship in the long term.

We are winners, so we set ambitious goals and timelines.

Imprint is intense and we value hard work because we are serious about our mission and about winning. We sign up for bold goals and deliver on them faster than expected.

We focus on great inputs

One of the only things we always control is the quality of our work. We have a very high bar for what good looks like at Imprint. We believe that if we measure ourselves against excellent, ruthlessly-prioritized inputs, the outcome will take care of itself.

We increase velocity through rigor, transparency, and documentation

We are constantly breaking new ground, and we know that to move fast we must move well. So we are rigorous in structuring our thoughts, in writing them down, in sharing all the context, and in creating and refining the process.

We are pros, who take care of their role

It's not always clear who should own or be accountable for all of the work required to deliver on our commitments. Our team is made up of pros who actively take ownership and meet their obligations. We never say “it is not my job,” or assume someone else will take care of it.

We give direct feedback and communicate openly

We value intellectual honesty and know that open feedback, collaboration, and communication make us better individually and as a team. We expect constructive, real-time feedback from all team members in all directions, and look for others at Imprint to refine our ideas, provide cross-functional input, challenge us, and deepen our understanding of the business.

We presume best intent from each other

Differences in opinion are encouraged. When working through problems with other team members, we look at the situation as “us vs. the problem” instead of “you vs. me.” After a decision is made, we commit to making it successful, even if we disagree.

We make this journey energizing and fulfilling for each other

Doing hard things does not have to be overly arduous. We generate momentum toward our ambitious goals and timelines by celebrating great work and treating our team with the respect that pros deserve.

We obsess over talent and reward impact

The quality of the people we attract and empower defines our ability to succeed and is our biggest competitive advantage. We push back when others consider hires that would not live by these Operating Principles or make Imprint better in a definable way. We don’t sacrifice quality to quickly fill roles, and we rapidly address mis-hires. Above all else, we reward those that deliver against our goals and embody these Operating Principles.