Customizable rewards

Imprint powers fully customizable rewards programs that drive acquisition and increase customer value in line with your unique brand identity.

An iPhone screen showing a credit card, rewards amount, and navigation UIAn app UI card that shows an image of clothing and says "Exclusive deal" and "Get $50 this week"An app UI card that shows a shoe and the text "Early access" and "The F/W Collection"

Supported rewards types


Store credit at your brand and partners


Brand tokens

Charitable giving


Early access to product drops

Birthday gifts

Exclusive merchandise

Special events

Flexible options

Growing and maintaining your valuable customer base is easy with Imprint’s custom loyalty tiers, referral programs, and sign-up bonuses.

Quick to launch

Get up and running in no time: Imprint will build and integrate a fully functional rewards program for you in days, not weeks or months.

Easy extension

If you already have a rewards program or loyalty provider, no problem. Imprint connects the dots to create a unified experience for your customers.