Branded cards

Imprint offers credit and rewards cards that save you time and money. Choose the card program that’s best for you and your customers, or choose both for maximum flexibility.

Credit card

Increase your cardholders purchasing power with higher credit limits

Attractive APRs

Offer incremental rewards

Rewards card (bank-linked)

Expand customer access with no credit pulls, fees, or interest

Offer easy sign-up with a linked U.S. bank account (like Venmo or Coinbase)

Works anywhere

Your physical and virtual cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa®. Cardholders can add their card to a digital wallet to pay easily in-store, in-app, or online. No change to your POS.

Instant issuance

We'll issue a fully useable virtual card to your customers as soon as they sign up so they can start earning rewards immediately. We can also ship physical cards to your customers with no additional effort for you.

Earn on every swipe

Every time a customer uses your branded card, you'll earn money—whether at your brand or someone else's. Gather data and insights into your customers' spending behavior at other brands.